The system is broken!

This last week has been mind blowing! My husband spent an hour and a half on the phone, with different agencies, trying to check on a friend in another state.  We needed a welfare check on him.  He had been depressed and had made some statements that we thought needed to be followed up on. After talking to the crisis hot line, our local police department, and that state’s local police, we finally got them to go to his house for a welfare check. Then we were told that since the person was not answering the door or his phone, that was all they could do! The policeman stated there was no warrant to go inside.  He would follow up with him the next day! The local crisis hot line stated they closed at 10:00 pm (it was 9:50 pm when we called) and would also check on the person the next day. UNBELIEVABLE!  24 hours is a long time when someone is reaching out for help!  I will continue to be the squeaky wheel! 

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